18 Photos That Show An Imperfect Dad Can Be A Perfect Granddad

Grandparenting really does change everything.

Growing up in northwest Poland, Alina Gabrel-Kamińska never got to see the affectionate side of her father. He was too busy working 12-hour days as a carpenter to be affectionate and emotionally available for Gabrel-Kamińska and her two sisters. 

"He never cuddled or played with us. He was very stand-offish," Gabrel-Kamińska, a photographer, told The Huffington Post. He thought he was doing his job as a father just by providing for his family. 

But that all changed when her father became a grandfather, like it does, we suspect, for many people. Suddenly, she was able to see a warm, loving side of her father she'd never experienced herself. 

 Grandpa Benek "shines" now when he sees Gabrel-Kamińska's two children, Lenka, 5, and Thyme, 1. So she decided to capture those precious moments between her father and his grandchildren on camera. 

She's photographed Grandpa Benek with the kids for a few years now and compiled a series of images, showing Benek's softer side. 

"He cuddles them, kisses them, even sings!"Gabrel-Kamińska said. "I have never heard my dad singing!"

Grandpa even enjoys playing Legos with the kids and protectively watches when they play, looking up from his Sudoku puzzles every once in a while. 

Gabrel-Kamińska says it just goes to show that even an imperfect father can become a perfect grandpa. 

Check out the beautiful series below. 

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