18 Things Kanye West Might Mean By 'June Eighteen'

When Kanye West tweeted "June Eighteen" yesterday, the world racked its collective brain in search of a meaning. The fact that he has since deleted all other tweets from his feed signifies that this is definitely a major moment in life for him.

So it got us thinking ... What might June 18 mean for Kanye West?

  1. The new album drops.
  2. Kimye's baby is due.
  3. Kimye's anniversary.
  4. Kanye and Kim plan to secretly wed in Paris, or maybe Greece.
  5. Kanye's got a doctor's appointment and he actually meant to enter the date into his Google calendar.
  6. Kanye is throwing a great big birthday party (his birthday is only 10 days prior, on June 8), and everyone's invited.
  7. Kanye is re-enrolling in college, being "The College Dropout" that he is, and that's when the semester starts.
  8. Kanye's new clothing line makes its debut.
  9. Rent's due on his Parisian condo.
  10.  The day Kanye plans to "Wife Swap" with Jay-Z.
  11.  Kanye's secret movie, probably titled "Olympus Has Risen Beneath Me," opens in limited release.
  12.  Kanye's self-help book, "How To Lose Her Guy In 10 Days (Or 18 Months)" comes out on Kindle, Nook and tablets.
  13.  The day Kanye joins Taylor Swift on her "Red" tour, to make up for that infamous VMA steal.
  14.  Kris Jenner's talk-show premiere date got bumped up. She made him promote it.
  15.  The Kardashian-Jenner World Domination date. Don't push the red button! DON'T PUSH THE RED BUTTON!!
  16.  Kanye is time sharing Diddy's yacht and he wants to remind Diddy his turn is up.
  17.  The macrame class Kanye enrolled in kicks off.
  18.  The day Obama finally hands the keys over.
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