18 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other

Seriously, we are on the same team. (And of course, not all women do these things.)

  1. Slut-shaming. Let women make their own decisions and stop feeling like it's your given right to express your disapproval. Here's a motto to live by: Not your vagina, not your business.

  • Making comments about other women's bodies. All comments go straight to the heart and they're really unnecessary.
  • Seriously, just saying "oh my gosh you're so skinny" is just as demeaning as commenting on the weight that a girl has gained. Just don't.
  • Knowingly going after another woman's significant other. Have respect for other relationships the same way you'd want someone to respect yours.
  • Being jealous of each other's accomplishments. Be happy for other women and the achievements that they work hard for.
  • Giving backhanded compliments. "Your hair looks great! It would look even better a little shorter." Wow, thanks?
  • Blaming the "other woman" when the man cheats. First of all, the girl may not have even known he was in a relationship. Why is it that so many girls hate the "other woman" and yet stay with the man? The guy is the one who said he loved you, who vowed commitment to you, and who betrayed you. Stop seeking revenge on the "other woman" and face the reality of the situation.
  • Spreading rumors.
  • Avoiding actual conversation with a woman you're in a conflict with. Why is it that we sometimes feel the need to tell everyone why we are angry with someone -- except that person? Just go straight to the source, and work it out like adults.
  • Vowing secrecy and then still telling a few other women. If a friend tells you something in confidence and requests your discretion, show her the respect that she deserves.
  • Competing with each other. We are all on the same team in this world and when we start fighting against each other, we do nothing but create ridiculous divides.
  • Comparing our bodies. You size up another woman and start comparing her to yourself, and it's just poisonous. Love who you are and don't think you need to look like anyone else.
  • Criticizing each other's personalities. When a girl is talkative, stop calling her annoying. When a girl is more quiet, stop calling her stuck up.
  • Being fake to each other. If you have a problem with another woman, simply don't associate with her. Don't pretend to be her friend only to laugh with your other peers about how awful she is.
  • Resenting each other's significant others. I know it stinks a little when one of your friends gets into a relationship and doesn't spend as much time with you because of it. However, the only thing your hating her significant other achieves is distance between you and your friend.
  • Being enemies with each other for no reason. If someone asks you why you don't like a certain girl and you literally have no answer for that question, give it up.
  • Using the shortcomings of other women to make themselves look better. Don't put down another girl's decisions to give you more confidence in your own.
  • Sub-tweeting about each other or crafting any kind of indirect social media post. Junior high is over. We are way too old for this sh*t.
  • Love and be loved by other women, because when we work together we are a force to be reckoned with.


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