18 Times Wedding Photographers Knew They'd Captured Something Amazing

So much love.

For wedding photographers, choosing a favorite photo is a next-to-impossible task.

We recently asked a handful of talented wedding photographers to do just that -- and luckily for us, they accepted the challenge. Below, see some of their most treasured snaps.

Shhivika Chauhan Photography

"Martine and Jim are not only a good-looking couple but truly awesome human beings. Just around sunset on their wedding day, we decided to do portraits. After I had taken some normal shots, I wanted to do something different. And so I created this stunning double exposure (in-camera) portrait of them -- marrying the gorgeous couple with their beautiful surroundings." - Shhivika Chauhan of Shhivika Chauhan Photography

Lisa Robinson Photography

"This photo means a lot to me as it was one of my first same-sex weddings. Later, the bride told me she sent this to her family to say the words they haven't yet been able to find and that no matter what your beliefs or biases, anyone who looks at this picture will see nothing but the love they share for each other. Nothing could mean more to me as a wedding photographer." - Lisa Robinson-Ward of Lisa Robinson Photography

Tracey Buyce Photography

"Vulnerability is beautiful. Niki's dad Bud broke down en route to the church to give away his little girl on her wedding day. 100 percent trust and access is a big part of a wedding photographer's job. I sat in the front seat perched over the seat, just waiting, only a few feet away when this moment transpired. The love between this father and daughter was incredibly poignant and beautiful to witness." - Tracey Buyce of Tracey Buyce Photography

Hoffer Photography

"Selecting a favorite photo is always impossible for a photographer. We usually default to images that define the things we love. In this case, it's a sense of adventure, great light and warm weather. We took this on a sandbar in Delaware in 2014. We were lucky enough to catch a very rare moment when the tide was in right at sunset. Sometimes it clicks." - Tony Hoffer of Hoffer Photography

Mandy Fierens Photography

"Morgan and Griffen booked me for their destination wedding in Florida, but after a few things made that impossible, they decided to elope. They came to me for ideas of locations, we found Wahclella Falls in Oregon and they knew it was the perfect place. This photo was taken during their heartfelt vows that had me tearing up on more than one occasion." - Mandy Fierens of Mandy Fierens Photography

Leah Moyers Photography

"I always come back to this photo for three reasons: I loved seeing how well they worked together, counting the seconds to make sure they made it through the intermittent water jets to avoid getting wet. I have so much fun scouting interesting locations, shooting, spending time with my clients and capturing their true personalities. The joy and playfulness captured in this photo and the expression on Onyx's face exemplifies the bliss I hope for everyone to experience on their wedding day and the happiness I feel when I have the opportunity to document those moments." - Leah Moyers of Leah Moyers Photography

Kristi Odom Photography

"I am a little crazy and LOVE animals. At a wedding with a horse-drawn carriage, I asked the owner, how tame is this horse? I was told, 'This horse goes to the White House. He is very tame and you can do what you want.' I crawled under his belly and used his legs to frame. I felt a combination of excitement, craziness and worry (that I would get peed on) to get the shot." - Kristi Odom

Katie Kaizer Photography

"There was light rain during Jamie and Michel's ceremony and everyone huddled under big umbrellas. After the ceremony, the rain had just started to lighten up as we took some portraits in the front garden. The light was beautiful and they were so happy. I loved the way Michel and Jamie embraced as though they were never going to let go, they just couldn't stop smiling." - Katie Kaizer of Katie Kaizer Photography

Ryan Brenizer Photography

"This photo may be my favorite for a few reasons. It was HARD. None of these stars are photoshopped, and there is no exterior lighting in the photo. We had to select a spot that wasn't only right for the composition, but was dark enough that we could naturally balance the exposure of the couple and the exposure of the stars. I achieved this photo with the cooperation of my fiancé and partner Tatiana Breslow, who is my own soulmate and an extremely talented photographer in her own right." - Ryan Brenizer of Ryan Brenizer Photography

Vesic Photography

“One of my favorite photos is this one of Lera and her bridesmaids helping her get ready. The lighting enhances what is the overwhelming joy of a woman with her best friends hours before she gets married. In addition, on the table you can see a picture of a very young Lera in glasses looking on which helps add another dimension to the story.” - Hooman Bahrani of Vesic Photography

Love and Water Photography

"The lava rocks out in the front of the property are a perfect location for sunset images. There are so many images from the same angle at this particular location so we decided to shoot from a new vantage point -- from the water. After the ceremony, I changed into my board shorts and entered the ocean through a little keyhole and swam into position while my wife helped set up and pose the bride and groom for the image." - Adam Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography

Bre Thurston

"It's probably not the most beautiful or inspiring photo I've ever taken, but it's my favorite because it represents everything I love about wedding photography. I became a wedding photographer because I want to give my clients the gift of remembering how they felt on that important day. I want them to remember how they wrapped their arms around their new spouse, threw their head back in laughter and felt nothing but joy." - Bre Thurston

Theilen Photography

"This image is my favorite image ever because this bride and groom hired us to photograph their wedding because they were rock climbers and knew that we were climbers too. And that we have a different perspective than many wedding photographers. Perhaps the coolest thing about this image is that I lived in Yosemite Valley years ago and it's where I learned that I wanted to pursue photography as a career, so this image is a throwback to my early years as a photographer." - Matt Theilen of Theilen Photography

BluElla Photography

"This image moves me as a wedding photographer and as a daughter. Every father dreams of the day their daughter finds someone to love them as much as they do. 'Giving her away' is one of the most bittersweet moments a father will face and one that a daughter will remember for the rest of her life." - Jo Clark of BluElla Photography

Maureen Cotton Photography

"I'm a sucker for any photo of someone with their hand near their heart. It connects us with their inner experience. Here that gesture is coupled with holding hands, showing their connection. And then there's expression—amazing that humans can frown and smile at the same time! I also love that Casey has her hand in her pocket. As much as she intensely loves her bride, it's also a comfortable normal moment for them, as they will be walking together -- married -- from here on out." - Maureen Cotton of Maureen Cotton Photography

Knight Weddings

"I photographed my first wedding over 10 years ago. I took a leap of faith and left my comfortable engineering job to become an international photographer. This image is my favorite because it's the culmination of everything I love about photography. The color, the reflection, the composition, the emotion, the setting. To add to the story, the bride was the planner for the first wedding I ever photographed!" - Ross Oscar Knight of Knight Weddings

Studio 29

"This is my favorite photo because the couple was incredibly sweet -- I can still hear them laughing. The wedding was "Up"-themed, like the Pixar movie. And I cried at the ceremony." - Ren Davis of Studio 29

del Sol Photography

"A few years ago at a family wedding, my dear grandmother (Cora Lee Adcock) casually walked in front of her great-granddaughter's wedding dress for a lipstick adjustment. In this moment, I made a photographic memory that will forever serve as a legacy for me and my family. She was 92 when I took this photo and sadly she passed away the next year." - Matt Adcock of del Sol Photography

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