18 Tips When Considering Hiring a Coach


Coaching has gotten to a point where people either love it or hate it. Let's face it, we are flooded with posts, ads, programs, offers and what not about coaching. There are the perceptions that coaching is all about 6-7 figure businesses, champagne in a luxurious 6-star hotel (the 6 keeps repeating), retreats in Bali and sunsets of your life time. I am saddened to read articles written about us coaches, that we just charge top price and lure people into believing that in three months they will be popping the champagne. And then there's the other side, which has seen and felt and lived the benefits of having a coach and rave about it so much, that they end up becoming coaches. Is it because they want to make 6-figures? Maybe. But the core of being a coach is the desire of being there for someone else and provide value. End of story!

Is it beneficial? Absolutely. Is it necessary -- and here is where you come in the game.

Nobody and nothing needs fixing. I will repeat. Nobody and nothing needs fixing.

A choice to hire a coach comes from the understanding that you want to go to the next level, make a next step in life, love, business, health, fitness, writing, visibility, speaking, career -- you name it.

A choice to hire a coach comes from the understanding that you are ready to be held accountable for your choices and steps.

A choice to hire a coach comes from the understanding that even though you are smart, successful, intelligent, funny, beautiful -- there are areas in which you procrastinate, lack knowledge, want support and are ready to receive it.

So far I haven't told you that you NEED a coach. And I will not.

Needing comes from a place of being not good enough, place of feeling inadequate and place of being a victim (I know what I am talking about as I was the perfect victim for most of my life)
If you have come to this point of reading, I am glad, because we often dismiss tons of information that might just play valuable for us.

If you are at a point of crossroads, don't know what is your next step and are considering a coach, please read further into what is beneficial to consider before whipping out your credit card and deciding this person is going to open the floodgates of answers for you for the rest of your life. It might to some extent but it is entirely up to you!

When considering a coach:

1. Decide what kind of coach you would like to hire -- business, health, life, fitness, writing, speaking, publicity, visibility, self-love. Hiring just any coach will confuse you to the least.

2. Decide what are your goals in the next 3-6 months -- in your life and business and where do you want to have support.

3. Ask for recommendations in the social and networking circles you are hanging out.

4. Check websites, testimonials, pictures, their message, their language, their presence, their social media, their values.

5. Start researching. Keep researching. A bit more researching -- ooops there are too many out there, how do you decide for frogs sake?

6. Narrow your choices to 10 max. At least start with 10.

7. Now by this point, most of the people know already who they WANT to work with but most of them go with whom they are TOLD they NEED to work with.

8. All coaches have some sort of discovery, clarity, pitch-free, get to know me (the names vary ) calls which are free. Some require payment to make sure you are committed to the process. Make your pick, please remember it is your choice.

9. Schedule those calls and remember -- those are for you to connect and feel how it is to be with this coach in person.

10. Feel their energy, follow their words, sense their presence and check with yourself please how do you FEEL during those sessions (most of us feel not good enough because well we are talking to a coach, which means there is something wrong with us -- THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!)

11. Is the coach operating from masculine energy only, feminine energy only or a combination of both? Which is one is aligned with you?

12. Money is energy -- it comes, it goes, it flows. Money mindset comes playing here big time because when the dollar sign starts ringing, people start cringing. This is an investment in yourself and your future.

13. If you feel pressured, pushed into a corner, inadequate and small. That's not the coaches fault. This is either how they normally work, or your inner game acting up of not being good enough or both.

14. Consider your options. No scratch that. Remember how you felt with each and every one of them. Was there a connection, was there ease, was there fun, was there structured discussion?

15. A coach is not going to change your life. A coach is not going to tell you what exactly do you NEED to do. A coach is not there to do the work for you. A coach is not going to demand you do something.

16. A coach will hold you accountable, support you, give you constructive feedback, provide tools and suggestions, brainstorm, guide you, give you different perspective, coach you with YOU in mind, cheer you, and hold you accountable again.

17. Finding a coach is not about trying to be THEM, it's about learning from them so you can be the YOU of tomorrow you envision!

18. Last but not least -- this will be a relationship which you have never had before. Trust me! You will end up telling your coach things you never thought will leave your mouth! And that is ok (this is why we have that confidentiality clause in our agreements, yep we do have coaching agreements to ensure we are both on the same page before we enter the relationship)

So here is the last bit of the post, and if you made it till here THANK YOU!

You have the power of choice in your life. Whether you realize it or not, you are the decision maker. Stand firm in what you want and the ways you are prepared to go to obtain it. Please do not count on us to change your life. We are here to support you, when you are changing your life, acknowledge you, keep you firmly on your feet and empower you to keep going. We are here to show you how falling is only a stepping stone for rising. We are here to be the person you do not have in your life - you have enough gf's, family and friends. We are none of that. We don't sell promises. We sell value, expertise, experience, knowledge and opportunities. I stand behind my values and offers and can not vouch for every coach out there. It is up to you to choose a person who is aligned with you.

Have I always followed the above process? NO. But hey, they say: "Live and learn!"