18 Undeniable, Hilarious Truths About Fatherhood

Fatherhood is a complex and wonderful experience -- and it can also be the fodder for some laugh-out-loud observations.

As Father's Day approaches, we'd like to tip our hats to all the funny dads out there whose tweets are undeniably true. If you're unfamiliar with what being a dad is like, these hilarious tweets say it all.

82% of parenting is making sure your kids don't do something fatal today

— Tim (@Playing_Dad) March 21, 2014

Never thought fatherhood would place me on the top of a ladder getting a diaper that has gotten caught in the ceiling fan.

Yet here I am...

— Where's the Xanax? (@DadtheDouchebag) April 16, 2015

At this stage, parenting is mostly a long string of accidentally saving your child’s life.

— Ben (@beancuke) May 24, 2015

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