'180' Documentary Compares Abortion To Holocaust, Goes Viral Among Pro-Life Groups

'180' Documentary Compares Abortion To Holocaust

A documentary film is raising some eyebrows after comparing abortions to the Holocaust. Supporters of the pro-life feature suggest that the movie's content is changing the way some think about abortion.

"180" seeks to "dismantl[e] the moral justifications people give for abortion," by posing hypothetical situations relating to the Holocaust, the Southern Baptist Press reports. The 33-minute documentary has gone viral among pro-life supporters.

Creator Ray Comfort conducts interviews, asking people what they think about Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. Responses vary from ignorance about who Hitler was to denial that the Holocaust took place.

The creator then creates hypothetical dilemmas, such as asking people if they would kill Hitler's mother while she was pregnant if they knew what he would later do to millions.

Many respondents, who say they are pro-choice, say they valued human life too much to perform some of the actions Comfort posed. Comfort then takes their responses and asks them to consider how killing per Hitler's orders is different from performing an abortion.

The abortion and Holocaust comparison isn't new, but critics, such as author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, say the two issues aren't comparable.

In a 1991 interview with On The Issues Magazine, Wiesel suggests that the issues require entirely different debates.

"It is blasphemy to reduce a tragedy of such monumental proportions to this human tragedy, and abortion is a human tragedy," Wiesel told the magazine.

Wiesel explains that he refuses to believe that an abortion is an easy decision for a woman, and he expresses frustration with calling the woman a "killer."

"...Those who do that [sic] call [a woman] a Hitler and relate [abortion] to the Holocaust prove that they do not know what the Holocaust was," he adds.

In the video, Comfort argues that abortion and the Holocaust are very similar.

"We've got a holocaust in America [where] real babies are being murdered because of women's choice and it's legal. It's like Nazi Germany. He did it legally," the Christian Post reports.

The film, which shows a series of graphic images, is gaining attention not only because of its controversial comparison, but because it highlights 14 people who do not know who Adolf Hitler was, the Christian News Wire points out.

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