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1-800-Flowers Customer Service Fails, Hundreds Of Valentine's Day Orders Left Unfulfilled (PHOTOS)

So this caught our eye when visiting our Twitter feed: A chorus (which may be an understatement) of angry customers directing their ire towards 1-800-Flowers. It turns out that for potentially hundreds of customers, their Valentine's Day orders were left unfulfilled...and customer service isn't proving to be the most helpful option. Calls to their complaint line have reportedly resulted in 20 minute-plus wait times, abrupt hang-ups and little resolution.

However, tweeting @1800Flowers seems to be the most helpful--customer service agents apparently are resorting to direct messaging to resolve the epic fiasco. Though resolutions seem to be coming forth, it doesn't make up for a disappointing Valentine's Day. (And we wonder how many people got in trouble with their significant others, honestly.)

And here's some irony: the 1-800-Flowers homepage displays this message on the front page:

Here's a peek at what the Twitterverse has to say....

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