19 Dog-Friendly Stores Where You Can Shop With Your Pup

The other day I was walking my dog when I walked past the most gorgeous coat in the window of Anthropologie. It was pouring rain. Of course, I didn't want to tie up my pup... but then, a retail miracle occurred! It turns out that Anthropologie is a dog-friendly store! Which got me thinking, what other stores also welcome canine shoppers? So here it is: the ultimate list of national stores that are dog friendly! Petco and Petsmart were left off in favor of stores with slightly more obscure dog policies (but don't worry! you can still bring your dog into them!)

*Note: Many stores leave it up to the manager to decide whether their store allows dogs or not, not all of these stores will allow dogs. The best way to ensure you can bring your pooch inside is to call ahead and find out the specific store's policy.

9. Gap

15. Bebe

Looking for something a little more local? You can look up local shops, hotels, restaurants, and all sorts of other attractions here.

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