19 Emotional Wedding Moments That Will Make You Teary-Eyed Too

Pass the tissues.

The wedding reception may get all of the attention, but the most significant and emotional part of the big day is the ceremony.

Below are 19 heartfelt moments between dear family and friends that might just bring a tear to your eye.

"For Jade and Zaheer, the most emotional moment was before the vows, before the rings, and before the announcement of 'husband and wife.' It was the moment when Jade was walking down the aisle with her parents on either side of her, and everyone realized that at long last, this thing was really happening." - photographer Jonas Seaman
"The touching vows Brian wrote brought me to tears. My favorite part during the ceremony was when Brian reached over to wipe my tears away." - bride Heather
"During the ceremony, there was a moment when the officiant had the entire bridal party come and lay their hands on the couple to pray for their future together. Not a dry eye in the house!" - photographer Rich Lander
"Steve and Ken were together for 23 years before tying the knot. Many happy tears were shed during their ceremony in the beautiful rooftop dining room of the Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle." - photographer Lynnsey Phillips
"Caroline's bridesmaids all spontaneously burst out into tears after the ceremony, while hugging the bride and groom in congratulations." - photographer Cory Ryan
"Seeing her bride for the first time. This was before same-sex marriage was made legal nationwide. It was a very emotional moment for everyone and there was not a dry eye at the venue." - photographer Steph Grant
"The double-hand tear wipe -- a signature move for the most emotional bride or groom." - photographer Matt Adcock
"A special, tender moment between dad and his beloved daughter as she leaves the parental home." - photographer Dino Jeram
"When Jeron finally saw Sheiha for the first time walking down the aisle, he basically lost it!" - photographer Jonas Seaman
"Kai and Alisha share a funny moment during their vows." - photographer Jerry Yoon
"The bride laugh-crying during her ceremony." - photographer Duy Ho
"The groom was telling the bride how much he loves her in his vows." - photographer Rob Greer
"Every ceremony is always infused with something that makes it especially personal and sentimental for the couple." - Shannen Hofheimer of Love Inc.
"The groom Wes loses his composure when he sees his bride for the first time, coming down the aisle on their wedding day." - photographer Anna Delores
"Bride and her sister get emotional during the ceremony." - photographer Cathie Berrey-Green
"Father gets emotional while giving away his daughter at the altar." - photographer Jonathan Connolly
"Hindu wedding ceremonies -- often we see so much interaction and engagement. This kind of wedding is any photographer's dream come true. It seems like there is a ceremony for almost everybody in the family to interact." - photographer Matt Adcock
"An emotional bride finally marrying the love of her life." - photographer Albert Harris
"Bride and groom sharing a very happy moment just after getting married and walking down the aisle." - photographer Jonathan Connolly

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