19 'Hot Dudes In Bed' To Get You Through The Day

Welcome to the Hunk Hotel.

Warning: You've just entered Studmuffin Central where beefy men lay in bed wearing nothing but boxers and swag. 

Proceed with caution (or just not at your work desk). 

An Instagram account called "Hot Dudes In Beds" features, well, hot dudes in beds -- and it's what dreams are made of. The account is wonderfully similar to the "Hot Dudes Reading" and "Men And Coffee" Instagram accounts.

Even if you're not into dudes, there's something in here for everyone. From adorable puppies to champagne and flower petals -- these images are truly enjoyable to look at. We do wish there was a little more diversity, but we'll take the small amount of male objectification we can get.

We picked out 19 of our favorite handsome men featured on "Hot Dudes In Bed." (Because we couldn't pick only a handful.)

Scroll below to make your day better. 

Head over to Instagram to see more hot dudes in bed being hot dudes in bed. 

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