19 Kids And Counting Premiere: Michelle And Jim Bob Duggar Appear On 'Today'

Michelle Duggar On Having More Kids: 'I Would Do It Again'

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, the parents of 19 who now share the title of America's largest family, appeared on the "Today" show this morning in their first interview since Michelle miscarried in December.

In a green room interview with TODAYMoms, Duggar said that despite her loss, another pregnancy might be in her future. "I would do it again," she said.

A clip from the family's reality show "19 Kids and Counting", which premieres tonight, documents Michelle and Jim Bob at a routine ultrasound appointment, five months into her pregnancy, where they received the devastating news -- the baby they would name Jubilee Shalom, had no heartbeat.

The couple was criticized for how they chose to mourn; they passed out photos of Michelle holding Jubilee's tiny hand at her memorial service and shared a letter to their daughter on their family blog.

This morning, Michelle told Ann Curry that "The hardest part when a loss like this occurs... people really don't know what to say."

But despite the pain, Jim Bob said the experience brought their family closer.

And the couple who loves being parents, equally enjoys being grandparents to their son Josh's daughter, Mackynzie, they told Curry. "You get the joy of playing and spending time but you dont have all the responsibility of diapers," Michelle said. "It's so much fun."

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