'19 Kids & Counting': Jim Bob And Josh Duggar Vow To Lose Weight (VIDEO)

Jim Bob and Josh Duggar decided that maybe it was time to start taking their health more seriously on "19 Kids & Counting." They were determined to lose weight, but got physicals first to see where they stood before. The results surprised both men. Josh found out he was obese and pre-diabetic, while Jim Bob discovered had high cholesterol.

I knew I was in bad shape, but I didn’t think I was in that bad of shape," Josh lamented.

Josh's wife Anna was concerned as well -- especially when the doctor said that it was just going to be worse in ten years. In her mind, she was doing the math by babies. "I’m thinking 10 years, maybe five or six more kids, you know. We can’t have a health crisis.”

Both men's wives agreed that the food in the house was only feeding their health problems, so they cleaned out all of the junk food in the house. Hollywood Life pointed out that it was harder for Jim Bob because of all the kids and their "tasty treats," but both men were committed to their health.

See if they can maintain their healthy lifestyle by tuning in to "19 Kids & Counting," Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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