The 19 Most Generous Colleges In 2015 According To GrubHub Data

A ranking to definitely be proud of.

Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island is the most generous college in the country, according to the online food-ordering service GrubHub.

GrubHub ranked the most generous colleges for 2015 based on tips. Except for the University of Colorado at Boulder, the top 10 has totally changed compared to last year's ranking. A lot of colleges in Pennsylvania and Virginia made the cut, and Minnesota nice is represented by the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus coming in at second place.

The ranking is based on the campuses where users had the highest tipping percentage during Sept. 1, 2014 through Dec. 16, 2014, and then Jan. 15, 2015 through June 1, 2015. As we've noted with other GrubHub rankings, they are limited by the areas where the service operates. So if you can't use GrubHub, but are convinced your classmates are generous people, that might be why your school isn't on this list. 

Interestingly, there isn't a ton of crossover between the "most polite" and the "most generous" schools, so maybe the tips are these campuses' way of saying "thanks."

The top 19 generous colleges for 2015 are listed below: