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18 Photos That Prove Kids Will Fall Asleep Just About Anywhere

Who needs a bed, anyway?

While parents wistfully dream of uninterrupted sleep, kids seem to believe that sleep is the bane of their existence. For them, getting into bed means admitting defeat. So some kids just end up passing out wherever -- on the floor, at the table, on a chair (some even choose to sleep in the tub). We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share photos, and they did not disappoint.

Laurie Sanderson Yocum
Melanie Lasoff Levs
My daughter stopped napping consistently this past summer. She turned two in October. She still needs a nap some days so she just ... well ... TAKES it. I typically move her somewhere more comfortable but always take a pic first.
Christine Anderson Skluzacek
Sometimes they just don't make it to the bed. And you just have to leave them.
Kimberly Mahan
We take our sleep however we can get it around here.
Heather Bennett Joe Bennett
Because God forbid she sleep in her own bed...
Damon Dahlen
We just got a new bedroom set for Aly and this is where she chooses to sleep!
Bobbi Deanne Rivera
Falls asleep standing up half an hour before bedtime ... time for bed now? I'm not tired!
Dawn Spechler Strauss
I don't care where you go to bed as long as you're sleeping!
David Fletcher
Because sometimes your bed is just too far.
Tina Kappes
When you think they are all tucked in just to find them a little later like this.
Lucy Barber
Miss 3 asleep under the bed. Again ... Daddy had worked out how to slide the bed out, lift her up and slide it back without waking her now!
Sarah Fairbanks
Melissa Marie Schossow
Someone refused to nap in the room we set up for him at grandma's so he falls asleep on the couch most days.
Crstyna Flexi
My husband goes into work around 4:30am and I wake up my boys at 6:15am for the day ... sometime in between he must have fallen out of his bed and stayed on the floor.
Mi A Morcillo
Wendy Pattison
Crystal Clarke
Skye Kay Ann

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