19 Things You Only Know If You've Been Backpacking

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1) However many photos you think you can take of a waterfall, you are not even close.

2) Wherever you go you are never far from a pizza, an Irish bar or a strike.

3) Canadians lead the world in stitching small national flags to the rear of backpacks.

4) Only taxi drivers truly appreciate the subtle nuances involved in ripping people off.

5) It's OK to be happy when anything leaves on time, just don't be surprised when it doesn't.

6) Methamphetamine is particularly popular with overnight bus drivers.

7) The difference between traveling and holidaying is that in only one are you completely sure you're coming back.

8) Fear and respect the term 'local delicacy,' but if you must go with one then make it fear.

9) Some mosquitoes see the net simply as a challenge.

10) All because you're wearing a sarong doesn't mean someone won't try and sell you a sarong.

11) A trekking guide who tells you the end is just around the corner is lying to you.

12) If passengers applaud on landing, consider a different carrier.

13) If your room key comes chained to a brick, consider a different hotel.

14) Never desperately need an ATM on a weekend or major public holiday; only tears and heartache lie that way. Oh, and starvation, that too.

15) Altitude sickness causes vomiting, headaches and sprinting to the bathroom, but then so do one-dollar beers.

16) Wearing orange fisherman's pants to the airport may seem like a good idea at the time but you will rethink this decision when you arrive home.

17) When a guidebook describes an area as bohemian it can indeed mean 'full of artists,' but can equally mean steaming great s**thole. The same came be said of 'up and coming' and 'exciting'.

18) Travel long enough and you will learn to appreciate the value of a sit-down toilet.

19) There's a reason they let you buy cheap spirits on your way home.