19 Women On Why Birth Control Is So Damn Important

Why the threat of losing our contraception feels personal.
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Birth control is an essential aspect of many women’s health care ― and with the threat of losing affordable access to it under the Trump and Pence administration, women are extra eager to celebrate it.

Whether it’s an IUD, the pill, the implant or the NuvaRing, women all over the country know that their birth control routines are much more than “nitty gritty” details of their lives. (Sorry, Paul Ryan!)

In honor of the full lives that access to contraception allows women to live, non-profit online birth control support network Bedsider started the hashtag #ThxBirthControl on Wednesday, so that women of the Twitterverse could share the many reasons why birth control is so essential and why they are so grateful for it.

Here are 19 powerful responses:

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