19 Women React To The Messy, Imperfect 'Girls' Finale

"The real Girls were the think pieces we wrote along the way."

After six seasons, “Girls” has come to an end.

Sunday night’s series finale was both devastating and celebratory. Viewers said goodbye over the course of the last few weeks to the show’s main ensemble: First Ray and Adam, then Elijah, Jessa and Shosh. And finally, Marnie and Hannah. 

While the penultimate episode focused on Hannah Horvath’s respective friendships ― though refusing to wrap them up neatly ― the finale gave viewers a peek at Hannah’s new life upstate with a baby. There was crying and screaming and, naturally, nudity.

In true “Girls” fashion, there were a lot of mixed reviews and a fair amount of notably quotable moments. (Our favorite was Hannah’s mother Loreen telling her, “You know who else is in emotional pain? Fucking everyone for their whole lives.”)

We’ve collected some of the best reactions from women on the web who waxed nostalgic, critiqued aspects of the show, and more:

Thanks for good times and bathroom cupcakes, “Girls.”



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