1913 Liberty Head Nickel Sells For $3.1 Million At Auction (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Nickel Sells For MILLIONS

A coin known as the the 1913 Liberty Head nickel sold for $3.1 million at an auction Thursday, according to UPI.

The coin's seemingly huge price tag was allegedly a bargain.

"This is one of the greatest coins at that price range," Jeff Garrett, one of two co-buyers, told UPI.

The Associated Press reports:

The 1913 Liberty Head nickel is one of only five known to exist. But it's the coin's back story that adds to its cachet: It was surreptitiously and illegally cast, discovered in a car wreck that killed its owner, declared a fake, forgotten in a closet for decades then declared the real deal.

It was offered for sale by four Virginia siblings at a rare coin and currency auction in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg on Thursday, and sold for well over the expected $2.5 million.

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1913 Liiberty Head Nickel

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