1920s Fashion: How To Add A Little Flapper Style To Your Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

How To Dress Like A Modern-Day Flapper

The flapper costume is a staple at Halloween parties (chances are most women have dressed up as one at some point in their lives). But it's also likely that many of the ladies who donned the elaborate costume were unaware of its cultural significance.

Flappers were young women of the 1920s who pushed social norms by smoking, drinking and dressing in ensembles that were considered taboo (think short hemlines and excessive makeup). Though these acts hardly seem rebellious today, in the '20s these small challenges helped to redefine women's roles and represented a pivotal turning point in history.

The fringed looks are now usually reserved for costume parties, but there are many ways you can include flirty, yet demure flapper style into your wardrobe without looking like a "Great Gatsby" character. The flapper uniform consisted of loose dresses, breezy skirts and low-cut tops -- basically anything that wasn't restricting. While we wouldn't recommend wearing 1920s fashion from head-to-toe, a cloche hat or a shapeless frock could add a vintage touch to any ensemble.

Click through our slideshow for a glimpse at a few famous flappers and to see how you can get this '20s look today.

Gilda Gray

Flapper Style

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