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This 1930s Beauty Routine Puts Ours To Shame (VIDEO)

Nowadays, we want to get up and out the door looking pulled-together in under 30 minutes. But before this era of hair and makeup shortcuts, most women took their precious time getting ready in the morning.

In this 1937 short film, actress Constance Bennett invites viewers into her home and takes them through her lavish and time-consuming beauty routine. First of all, she wakes up around 7:30am wearing what appears to be a full face of makeup. (We don't recall the last time we slept in that late and awoke appearing so glamorous.) Bennett then slips into her robe, sits at her vanity and applies more face creams than we can count.

While a housemaid attempts to hurry along the star, Bennett goes on to take a warm bath and freshen up her red lipstick. The extravagant regimen ironically ends with the following lesson: "Remember, that to be beautiful and natural is the natural birthright of every woman." If that's natural, we don't know what to call our beauty routines...

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