Celebrities in the 1940 Census

One has to wonder if nine-year-old Neil Armstrong, who once spent his days walking around St. Mary's, Ohio, ever imagined that he would eventually be the first to walk on the moon.
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After a long wait of 72 years, the 1940 census was released this week and made available in digital format on a free National Archives website developed in partnership with Archives.com.

The legal requirement that no one have advance access means that there's no index for these remarkable records (yet -- those interested in volunteering to help create one can learn more at the1940census.com), but with with a bit of effort, it's still possible to find your relatives -- and even a few celebrities. Here, then, are some of the first famous folks to surface among the 132 million Americans included.

Betty White in the 1940 Census

Celebrities in the 1940 Census

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