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See The 1970s Hair Dryer That Gave Farrah Fawcett 'Flippy Curls' (VIDEO)

Farrah Fawcett easily tops our list of 1970s hair icons. The late "Charlie's Angels" actress' feathered haircut was one of the most coveted styles of that decade. And when she popped up in a '70s hair commercial for the Lady Schick Speed Styler, Fawcett convinced even more women that they could get her hair at home.

In the vintage ad, we see Fawcett use the bulky hair dryer with a comb attachment to transform her soaking wet strands into "flippy curls." Angela Cartwright of "Lost in Space" fame even makes an appearance to boast how fast the tool dries her short hair.

But while their perfect 'dos would've been enough to sell us this product, the styling mist feature left us terrified. (We guess the built-in spray is how Fawcett's hair got all that volume.)

Feathered hair at it's best (and worst):

Feathered Hair (PHOTOS)

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