In 2006 I had the good fortune to meet Arianna Huffington after a performance of my stage adaptation of George Orwell's "1984," which was being produced by the Actors' Gang Theatre, under the direction of Tim Robbins. She was very enthusiastic about the play, wrote about it on The Post, and asked me if I would be interested in being a blogger. Since that meeting my adaptation has been performed on five continents, in four languages and counting. I wrote the adaptation in response to the "War on Terror" surveillance/torture state the Bush/Cheney administration had initiated, and I thought of the play as a warning, a signpost pointing to where our country could go if we were not vigilant.

Well, we went there.

Given the regime of alternate facts which now rules Washington I think it is eminently appropriate that this week the publisher of the play, Playscripts, Inc., has designated my adaptation as the "Free Read of the Week." Would say please enjoy reading it- but literally and figuratively - it's 1984.

Click here to read the stage adaptation of 1984 on the Playscripts Inc. website.