This 1991 Video Proves Sizzler Was America's Most Patriotic Steakhouse

Did you know that Sizzler is the choice of America? Because it is.

Did you know that Sizzler is the choice of America? Because it is.

A gloriously cheesy and puzzlingly patriotic Sizzler promotional ad from the '90s surfaced on Reddit Tuesday after originally being shared on the site earlier this month. While it might look like something from "Tim and Eric," it's not.

Some on the Reddit thread speculated that the video, which runs for nearly five minutes, was a promotional spot for potential franchise owners. But there is so much more to it than that. There are construction workers, sailors, kids playing baseball, burgers and seafood.

Sizzler gave The Huffington Post the lowdown, revealing the video was, in fact, produced to sell franchises and played at the company’s annual meeting.

"We’re very humbled by the thousands of wonderful posts from our customers," Kristina Van Bruggen, Sizzler USA vice president of marketing, said in an emailed statement Wednesday. "Sizzler is and has always been a special place for American families. We are thrilled this video is touching so many people and stirring such positive feelings about our country. Sizzle on, America, sizzle on!"

This story has been updated with a statement from Sizzler.

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