'2 Broke Girls' Casting Call For A 'Hot Asian Guy'

'2 Broke Girls' Searching For A 'Hot Asian Guy'

"2 Broke Girls" seek a "hot asian guy" -- and no, this isn't a casting call for an adult film.

Courtesy of Angry Asian Man, CBS's "2 Broke Girls" casting call reads:

2 BROKE GIRLS, Episode #118, "And the Full Disclosure"
1/2 hour multi-camera
CBS / Bonanza Productions

[EDWIN] 22-32. A hot Asian guy, he is the web designer for the girls' cupcake site. Clearly, he and Caroline have a thing for each other, and after hours at the restaurant, things quickly heat up between the two... GUEST STAR/CO STAR

Perhaps the new character "EDWIN" is an attempt to defend the show against accusations of racism over the series' single Asian character, Han Lee. Played by Matthew Moy, the character is a short, emasculated nerd with no chance in hell of being taken seriously. Also, the fact that he speaks English with an accent seems to be a joke in and of itself. The Hollywood Reporter doesn't mince words about the Han Lee character: "... what CBS is doing every Monday night is trotting out one of the most regressive and stunning racist devices a network has produced in five or more seasons."

Watch Han trying to orchestrate a flash mob, years after it was cool:

The show's producer, Michael Patrick King, was dinged for Han Lee's character recently at a Television Critics Assn. press event in Los Angeles. While sitting next to Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, the stars of "2 Broke Girls," King defended the ethnic humor and called the show an "equal-opportunity offender" while praising New York (the setting of the show) as a melting pot of all different nationalities and backgrounds. King also offered up his own sexuality as proof that "2 Broke Girls" isn't socially destructive. "I'm gay. I'm putting in gay stereotypes every week," he said to the crowd.

Other journalists didn't relent on the subject, and one challenged King on his point about sexuality: "Does being a part of one traditionally disenfranchised group make it then carte blanche to make fun of other traditionally disenfranchised groups?"

The Los Angeles Times described King's demeanor as "combative," and said that he cast a "sour note" on the panel discussion. Read the entire transcript at The Wrap and let us know what you think about "2 Broke Girls" in the comments below. And if anyone knows any hot asian guys trying to make it in the industry, be sure to pass along this casting call.

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