'2 Broke Girls' Parody Belittles Hit Series (NSFW) (VIDEO)

If you've been waiting for someone to knock '2 Broke Girls' down a peg, your ship has arrived.

The immensely popular but sometimes critically scorned sitcom is ruthlessly mocked in this parody that masquerades as a promo for this fall's new episodes.

WARNING: NSFW language below.

From its opening question, "Are you really fucking stupid?" to its closing proclamation, "New this fall: Fuck you," it's clear the parody's producers see the show's creators as pandering to the lowest breed of TV viewer.

The show has faced criticism for its portrayal of racial and ethnic minorities, with knee-slappers like, "You can’t tell an Asian he made a mistake, he’ll go in the back and throw himself on a sword."

As Entertainment Weekly reported, the show's creator, Michael Patrick King, lashed out at critics who accused the show of using one-dimensional stereotypes.

”The characters are dimensional," King said during a question and answer session with reporters. "And they’re seen in segments of 21 minutes, which limits the amount of dimension you can see. So I will call you in five years and you will have accrued enough time to see if these characters have become fully fledged out."

The parody answers critics' qualms thusly:

"I mean, if you're so clever, why don't you write a better sitcom then, asshole?"