2 Broke Girls : The Good, the Bad and the Hope of Love

I've never written about 2 Broke Girls before, but with one of my usual shows, Once Upon A Time in repeats and with some particular bees in my bonnet, I have decided today's the day.

I was a little late getting into 2 Broke Girls; my serious love for Kat Dennings finally drew me in. The show has a lot of good things going for it -- the chemistry between Max and Caroline is good and getting better, Oleg, Earl and Han are particularly clever and funny members of the diner. Despite the recent controversy, I think the cast has a good chemistry and the dialogue is particularly clever. I also liked that eventually they found a proper home for the horse, Chestnut -- although it was really cute to have him pop his head in from outside in the backyard all the time.

But I have a few growing concerns about where the show itself is headed. One of which is the money totaled we see at the end of each episode; is it accurate? I realize the diner money may not always be attributed to the total for their cupcake business, but is any of it? What about Max's babysitting job? Where does the money from that go? And how can they be selling Max's "homemade cupcakes" when she has confessed to using two kinds of name brand cake mix? Couldn't they get sued or something?

Also, what's going on with that babysitting job? I didn't particularly like the character of Peach or Max's interactions with her. But that said, it's supposed to be Max's much-needed full-time day job -- where's the consistency? Perhaps this situation is getting a much needed rejigging if others feel the way about Peach, but just this week Max and Caroline auditioned for jobs as cleaners in Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge's) cleaning business. How could Max do that and babysit at the same time? All of this could be simply rectified by saying she'd quit or been fired, some sort of resolution. Why haven't we gotten it yet?

I have to admit I was intrigued when I heard Jennifer Coolidge would be guest starring on the show, but I'm not loving it. When her character, Sophie, first appeared two weeks ago, she came with a strained attempt at a Polish accent, which made me cringe. Why couldn't they have just let her speak in her usual way? Then she went on about all of the "horrible horrible" this and that, I was so sick of listening to her. This week, I liked Sophie's character slightly better. Her interaction with Oleg was very well done, but I'm still not warming to her as a character nor her attempts to thwart Max away from Caroline. She only just met them; where does she come off? And what was with the bizarre Caroline punching the overdosed model in the stomach? As much as I wanted to believe she actually poured peroxide down his throat and gave him a few heaves back to life, the whole thing came off as extremely unrealistic and fake to me.

But I criticize because I love, and I really do love things about this show. What have I loved the most so far? One word: Johnny. Recently I re-watched the Johnny/Max episodes and I just loved them. Nick Zano and Kat Dennings have crazy chemistry! Their potential romance had me hooked and things were left open ended so I really hope we see Nick Zano back as Johnny. We also need a man for Caroline, we only had a brief glimpse of her ex-boyfriend, who she didn't end up even speaking to -- I think the girl, and the fans, need more than that. These girls are in serious need of love interests!

So how long will we be stuck with Sophie? Do you guys want to see more of Peach? Or are we done with her? Would you like to see Johnny back? A boyfriend for Caroline? Leave your comments below!