This 2-Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe Is The Healthy Answer

Healthy and easy.

Two-ingredient recipes are a godsend for busy schedules. They can usually be made up with items already stocked in our kitchen. They are easy to make, and even easier to clean up after. And sometimes -- if we're lucky -- they happen to help us start our day off with a healthy breakfast, too.

Today, we are really in luck because we just found a recipe that meets all of the criteria mentioned above. Let us introduce you to this 2-ingredient banana pancake recipe by food blogger From Away.

From Away

Not only does this pancake recipe mean we can easily whip up a stack when the craving should strike, but it also makes one of our favorite breakfast dishes healthy. The recipe calls for nothing more than bananas and eggs -- seriously -- so you can go ahead and eat the whole stack without feeling loaded down with gluten or sugar. Mornings are beginning to look up, friends.

Get the recipe for the 2-ingredient banana pancake recipe and live your best breakfast self.

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