$2 Million Check Found In Wallet On Madrid Subway, Remains Unclaimed

It's not your average lost-and-found item, that's for sure.

On Wednesday, a maintenance worker for the Madrid Metro system in Spain discovered a wallet lodged in a subway door. The wallet, which appeared to have been stolen, contained a check for a whopping $2 million.

Madrid maintenance chief José Manuel del Cura told Spanish daily El Pais that at first the brown leather wallet didn't seem different from the countless other lost or stolen billfolds that end up on his desk. Until he opened it, that is.


“You should have seen our faces! We had to count the zeros several times," del Cura told El Pais. "We couldn’t believe that someone has so much money and others so little. The world is full of inequality.”

The check, which is now safely in the possession of the Madrid National Police, was issued to a California man and post-dated to January 2014, according to CNN.

"We have his name. We're trying to locate this person," a National Police spokesman in Madrid told CNN. "We won't just hand it over. We have to verify that the origin of the money is not illicit."

While the police declined to identify the owner of the check, Madrid television station Telemadrid reported that the check was made out to a Sacramento, Calif., businessman named Bill Guting.

The Huffington Post attempted to contact Guting at his office in California, but calls for comment were not immediately returned.