2-Pound Joint: UC Santa Cruz Police Confiscate Marijuana (VIDEO)

LOOK: 2-Pound Joint!

WEED really like to examine this joint in person.

Police at the University of California, Santa Cruz interrupted a 4/20 party on campus when they confiscated a 2-pound marijuana joint, KTVU.com reported.

In the LiveLeak.com video, an officer carries the massive contraband through a throng of students. He seems unfazed by partygoers' threats to take him to court.

The event took place in Porter Meadow -- a spot on UCSC's campus where 4/20 is reportedly celebrated annually. According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, more than a thousand people gather each year for the marijuana-packed party.

Chief of Police Nadar Oweis told KION FOX 35 that shutting down the event would cost more money than just patrolling it.

Although recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in California, the stigma surrounding it seems to have faded. The New York Times argues that pot in California is the "equivalent of a beer in a paper bag on the streets of Greenwich Village."

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