2 Rocking Blogging Posts to Ring in the New Year

2 Rocking Blogging Posts to Ring in the New Year
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I read 2 rocking blog posts guaranteed to help you begin the New Year off on the right blogging foot.

My friend Donna Merrill published this gem:

She delved into an important concept; keep doing what works and stop doing what does not work.

I am floored by how much of my early blogging career was damaged by me doing stuff that didn’t work. But when I eventually let go the old, worn out and fear-based stuff I did blogging-wise I devoted my time and energy to doing stuff I loved, blogging-wise.

That shift marked a turning point in my blogging career.

But you need to be honest about the stuff you are doing blogging-wise. You also need to be clear on the energy behind your blogging actions. Are you blogging mainly from an energy of fear, or from an energy of love? Gotta get clear on that, to understand if you are heading for fear and failure, or fun and success.

My friend Janice Wald wrote a sensational post here:

She dissected the time-honored classic: How to Win Friends and Influence People

One of the core concepts in this eBook is to give what you’d like, at its essence.

Janice explains why showing a genuine interest in people is a direct way to get folks interested in you.

This has been incredibly true throughout my blogging career. The more I promote other bloggers without looking for anything in return, the more bloggers promote me, endorse me and help me, helping me expand my reach.

You literally get whatever you freely give in the blog-o-sphere.

Why do many bloggers struggle so terribly, then? The masses think only about themselves. They want to know how to build blog traffic by manipulating people or by simply making changes to their blog. They have no interest in serving others, or promoting others, or helping others, or writing posts like these.

Donna and Janice are highly successful because all they do is promote other bloggers freely. Peep their social media feeds. Check out their blogs. Free giving has been good to them. Free giving has been good to me too.

I noted an instant shift the moment I decided to make my blogging day about serving others, promoting others, helping others and befriending others. The moment I showed a genuine interest in other bloggers, other bloggers showed a genuine interest in me.

The most important part of the equation; I am not trying to get other folks interested in me. I give to help. I give to serve. I give, and detach. But of course, I have seen this concept at play in a big way in my life.

The shift seemed like magic. But it was not magic at all, really.

I just committed to networking so freely - without looking for anything in return from my giving - that I became super connected in the blogging tips niche.

Check out my eBook:

So much of what I do online is about mixing and matching 2 of the messages that Donna and Janice conveyed.

I stopped doing what was not working - trying to do everything on my own - and I began showing a genuine interest in other bloggers.

Emphasis on genuine.

Imagine if I just said: “Hey, check out these 2 rocking blog posts form my friends!” and simply included a link to the above posts. Being grateful, generous people, and being my friends, Donna and Janice would have appreciated the shout out. But genuinely setting up each post, adding context and tossing in the cool post preview offered by the Huffington Post shows I am going a big deeper in the authenticity department.

Again; the more interest I show in others, the more interest other folks show in me.

Beautiful how it works.

But i had to made that big time shift from ceasing to do what was not working for me - and what never works for anybody, long-term - to make the shift.

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