2-Year-Old Bedtime Bandit Caught Red-Handed (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bedtime Bandit Caught Red-Handed

Here's a parenting puzzle: Would you rather your 2-year-old wake up in the middle of the night screaming for his sister's Pillow Pet (and water! and needing to go potty! etc.!) or would you prefer to be raising an expert lock-picker?

Joann Moser, who uploaded this clip to YouTube on Sunday, appears to have the latter under her roof. She explains in the clip's description, "This is what our 2 yr old does at night. He picks the lock to his sister's room and takes her stuff...We caught it on video."

We're not sure who impresses us more -- the toddler bandit or his movie-making parents (who clearly have an excellent sense of humor).

UPDATE: Over e-mail, the mother of this talented locksmith gave HuffPost a bit more of the backstory here. She writes:

Our 8-year-old daughter came to us one night and told us our 2-year-old was taking stuff at night out of her room. We told her to ... just lock the door. A couple nights later she told us he had opened the lock on his door. We were VERY skeptical so we set up the camera in the hall to see what would happen. Sure enough within a few seconds of closing his door and locking hers he was at the door opening the lock. The rest is on the video. We could not stop laughing afterward and we let him sleep with the pillow pet that night.

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