This 2-Year-Old Could Rock Climb Before She Could Walk

The parents are proud -- except when she climbs out of her crib.

A 2-year-child can make a parent want to climb the walls, but one toddler prefers to do the wall-climbing herself.

Ellie Farmer of Flagstaff, Arizona, began climbing when she was 8 months old -- even before she could walk, according to Barcroft TV.

Her parents, Rachael and Zak, are proud of her amazing abilities, but admit it was a challenge when they discovered she could also climb out of her crib.

The talent runs in the family. Both her parents are avid rock climbers. In fact, Rachael went rock climbing three days before her daughter's birth.

"I continued training after she was born and she started watching other climbers in the gym then began playing on the holds herself," she told Barcroft.

Ellie's fame really began ascending last summer when her parents posted a video on Facebook showing their little girl zipping up a climbing wall like a monkey.

Although rock climbing walls can look daunting, Rachael Farmer isn't worried about Ellie getting hurt.

“Everything comes with a little bit of risk... I think she's a little bit safer at the climbing gym in a controlled environment," she told Inside Edition.

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