20 Adventures to Prolong Summer

Labor day is coming, and you know what that means; everyone will soon be posting their pumpkin spice whatevers, or making fun of pumpkin spice, and somehow still thinking that joke is funny. And let's not forget apple picking! By September 1, it will be a mad race for everyone to be the first person to hashtag themselves with their #squad or their #bae at the apple farm while calling everyone ELSE basic (oh, the irony.)

Thanks to social media, the world is in a constant rush to jump the gun on everything. Halloween now starts on October 1 and lasts like "Halloweenakuh" -- the entire month long, and Christmas and Thanksgiving get advertised the day after. By the time anything actually comes, everyone is over it.

Society has learned to stop accepting the now as a gift (that's why they call it a present), while always rushing for the next thing. But, since summer got off to a slow start this year, maybe now's actually the time to remember that summer isn't over yet, and save apple picking, Halloween, and pumpkin spice for their rightful moment in October. Here are some ideas that will help you beat the summertime sadness and keep you dancin' in September:


Easily one of the coolest summertime activities in the world, the drive-in offers a guaranteed memorable experience. Whether you go with a date and tinted windows, a group of friends and some drinks, or make it a family outing, you are sure to have fun. And where else can you see two movies for ten dollars anymore?

EXTRA TIP: Bring a hatchback vehicle and put the seats down in the back so everyone can lay down facing the movie under the stars.

THE WARWICK DRIVE-IN; www.warwickdrivein.com
11 Warwick Turnpike [Rt 21],Warwick, NY 10990. (845)986-4440.



Whether you're totally into geek things and cosplay, and comic-con is just too far of a wait, or you just love to get drunk at an extremely big carnival, the renaissance faire is for you. For 24 dollars you can get swept into a magical world that will remind you of The Princess Bride or A Knights Tale.

EXTRA TIP: Get there early or you will be parking far and have quite a hike up to the faire!

Goes till September 27th!
THE RENAISSANCE FAIRE; http://www.renfair.com/NY/
Tuxedo Park, NY, (845)351-5171



Let's say that you are from the city and made a day trip upstate for one of the first two ideas. Need a place to crash? The New Continental is not only gorgeous, it's a steal with great rates! It even includes a restaurant right on the water with great food. And since we did have such a slow start to summer, weather might hold up enough to take a dip in the majestic lake. If you want to skip the gold coast snobbery and can't afford a house of your own? This is the place. The staff is so nice they can help you plan your entire trip!

EXTRA TIP: If you don't have a car and are traveling from the city by bus, the bus let's you off right in front of the hotel for a mere $13.75!

15 Leo Ct, Greenwood Lake, NY 10925. (845)477-2456



If you are looking for more of a beachy vibe for your last trip of summer than a quiet lakeside retreat, head on over to The Soundview Inn. Located on the beautiful North Fork, this is the kind of place that will easily make you feel like you feel like you're still on summer vacation with their 1400 ft private beach. There are also tons of amenities on deck to keep you entertained.

EXTRA TIP: Check out the town nearby for good eats and quaint beach-bum simplicity that won't break the bank.

58855 Route 48 Greenport, NY 11944 (631)477-1910



Everyone becomes desperate to head to Six Flags around this time of year as they get in Halloweenakuh mode and Fright-Fest kicks into high gear since the heat isn't that strong so it makes the long lines somewhat livable. Well, Adventureland might not offer the same kind of rides for roller-coasters and thrill-seekers, but it does offer a certain charm for true amusement park lovers that a big theme park can't. It even has an entire movie based off of it with Kristen Stewart!
EXTRA TIP: Make sure you eat after the pirate ship.
ADVENTURELAND; www.adventureland.us
2245 NY-110, Farmingdale, NY 11735, (631) 694-6868


If you can deal with the packed crowd of tourists and Jersey Shore fist-pumpers that think their "culture" is somehow being celebrated, then head on down to Little Italy for the feast. It runs from September 10th-20th (making you truly believe Summer is still alive up until the very end), and the real draw here is that it's free with tons of cheap eats.
EXTRA TIP: If you are a driver, and most people who attend this probably are drivers; take the train. Parking is a bitch.
THE FEAST OF ST.GENNARO; www.sangennaro.org
Mulberry Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 768-9320


In truth, not one part of Fire Island is not magical -- and it's been through a lot in the past few years. Whether you're more into the wonderful town-like community feeling of Cherry Grove, or the amped up extravagant resort feeling of The Pines that allows you to believe you've taken a real vacation, you will fall in love. Or... at the very least: lust. Stay at the amazing hotel on the always-poppin' Pavilion, and you truly will be dancing in September -- morning 'til night! And it must be said: Fire Island offers the most magnificent beach on the east coast.

EXTRA TIP: The brunch at the Blue Whale is not only fun, it's delicious!
49 Pickett Ruff Walk, Pines Harbor (631)597-6500



Maybe you can't afford an entire vacation or house in Westhampton, but a day trip never hurt anyone. The weekend of September 5th-6th, head on over and mingle with the elite for free. Whether you are actually buying or just window shopping, it's still a cool experience.

EXTRA TIP: If you are an artist yourself and can't afford to set up shop, you have a chance to talk to the artists -- they will be there.

WESTHAMPTON BEACH FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS; www.paragonartevents/westhampton/index.html
Great Lawn at 35 W Main St. Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 (941) 487-8061



As a summer optimist, all you can do is pray the good weather lasts until mid-October even. But, don't forget to plan for the days when the breeze might start rollin' in. On those days, one can't be dismayed and warm up with their pumpkin spice hot drink. One must persevere. Sahara Sams is a water park designed just for those days; offering both indoor and outdoor attractions.

EXTRA TIP: If possible, go on a weekday and avoid lines -- even if it means pulling the kids out of school. You'll never remember the test you failed, but you'll always remember the night you spent not studying!

SAHARA SAMS OASIS WATER PARK; www.saharasams.com
535 North Route 73, West Berlin, NJ 08091, (856) 767.7580



Along the same lines of The Renaissance Faire, the Civil War Reenactment is a great place to go for a living museum with great elaborate costumes. And with ticket prices ranging from twelve dollars for children and fifteen dollars for adults, how can you go wrong? And with all the drama over the confederate flag this year, it will be interesting to see how they handle the situation.

EXTRA TIP: Consider it like Disney world...except instead of running around and trying to get Mickey Mouse and Goofy's autographs, you'll be searching for Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman.



What's more annoying than someone hash-tagging #dreamingofsummeradventures with a meme of a sky as they waste their summers away in some bar trying to score a date? For a true adventurer who loves to get active, head on over to Long Island Adventure Park where you will be climbing all around an aerial forest. It's pricey at $54 bucks a person, but fun and worth it! And at night the entire forest is lit up by white lights for an even more magical fantasy adventure experience!

EXTRA TIP: Don't go with a whiner. They will bring down the mood for everyone.
LONG ISLAND ADVENTURE PARK; www.longislandadventurepark.org
75 Colonial Springs Rd, Wheatley Heights, New York 11798 (631)983-3844



As much as the world would like to pretend that people actually like "curves" and "dad-bods", let's face it? It's not really attractive. That said, don't fall into the trap of having a bad body because the media is trying to push some silly agenda. For the cost of absolutely nothing you can either jog, bike or roller-blade alongside one of the most beautiful scenery's in the world as you stay fit.

EXTRA TIP: Renting a boat at the docks is an amazing experience and CHEAP! Only $35 for an hour!
THE BAYSIDE MARINA; www.baysidemarinany.com
28-05 Cross Island Parkway, Bayside, NY 11360, (718) 229-0097



Looking to go wine-tasting? Checking for the perfect place to stay that offers both great wine-tasting packages and a place to crash so you don't have to worry about driving home? Well, look no further. This resort is your new summer oasis for every wine and resort lover!

EXTRA TIP: Make sure to check out what they have going on for "Sunday Funday's!"
HOTEL INDIGO; www.indigoeastend.com
1830 West Main Street, Route 25, Riverhead, NY 11901, (631)369.2200


Summer camp for adults? Yes, indeed! And they have now extended their dates (even offering an OUT LGBTQ weekend) so now you can adventure into the summer camp well into October during your endless summer activities! Water sports, team sports and adventure sports, this place offers endless fun for the thrill seeker, and then great nightlife as well to meet people. Anyone else ready to salute their shorts?

EXTRA TIP: Book fast! This place is an extremely hot commodity and books up quick!
CLUB GETAWAY; www.clubgetaway.com
Kent, CT 06757, (800)643-8292



If you're looking for a resort that is more family friendly, Rocking Horse Ranch Resort offers tons of the same amenities and sports that not only kids will love, but adults will love too! And what could be better than the words "all-inclusive?" This place has it all- meals, action sports, games, water theme park, entertainment and more- can summer never end?

EXTRA TIP: Don't let the words "fall-fest" throw you! It's still summer if you believe it, for as long as you believe it!

ROCKING HORSE RANCH; www.rockinghorseranch.com
600 State Route 44/55 , Highland, New York 12528 (800) 647-2624



This restaurant, located in the gorgeous town of Sag Harbor, might be located indoors- but that doesn't make it any less of a summery experience. There's a reason it has such a reputation as one of the most beloved reputations out east- it is a must-eat-at for every summer. Spend the evening watching the sunset and walking around the beachy town, and then get ready for the meal of your summertime dreams.

EXTRA TIP: Even if you are anti-carbs? Try the garlic knots. Again- there's a reason for their reputation.

IL CAPPUCCINO; www.ilcaps.com
30 Madison St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963, (631) 725-2747



So, since it rained a good portion of the beginning of summer, you went to the movies and watched superhero flicks while piggin' out on popcorn and wishing that you could do that too, right? Well, now it's time to get back into shape and prove to yourself that you can be just as cool as the heroes on screen. At Brooklyn Zoo, they offer an amazing program called "Ninja Warrior Training with Justin Conway" that not only helps you get into shape, but will be an unforgettable experience that tests your strength, agility and endurance. Instead of instagramming and hashtagging another selfie doing duckface with some drink in your hand, why not show yourself off doing something that will truly impress your friends?

EXTRA TIP: They also have a great summer camp on deck for kids that has a daily rate.

BROOKLYN ZOO: NINJA WARRIOR TRAINING; www.brooklynzoony.com/ninja-warrorior-training
230 Bogart St, Brooklyn 11206, New York, NY, (347) 987-3228


Let this percolate for a second; snow could be upon us in eight weeks. Don't rush to end summer- winter will seem shorter if you extend the warm weather season as long as you can. That said, who doesn't love to dine al fresco? One of the best places to do that is La Piscine; a restaurant on top of Hotel Americano that offers just as gorgeous views from inside their intimate dining area as they do of the gorgeous skyline they have there for all your instagramming needs. And this place isn't all style and no substance- the food is just as excellent. And since it's trendy without being played out, the crowd is knock-your-socks off gorgeous.

EXTRA TIP: Ask for seating by the pool. If you know your Italian, it's called "La Piscine" for a reason!

LA PISCINE; www.hotel-americano.com
518 West 27th Street, New York NY 10001, (212)216-0000



Nothing says Summer like the beach and the boardwalk, and even though Coney Island is a bitch to get to (unless you live there), it's vintage charm is undeniable. It is truly a Mecca for artists. Whether you're going to mingle with other artists, watch new films, or check out old classics, this is an activity not to be missed on your summer bucket list. Voted one of Moviemaker Magazine's; "Coolest Film Festival In The World," it will definitely prove unforgettable.

EXTRA TIP: When in Rome, ride the rides!
SEPTEMBER 18th-20th

CONEY ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL; http://www.coneyislandfilmfestival.com/
Coney Island USA 1208 Surf Ave. Brooklyn, NY, Coney Island, (718) 372-5159



Judging by Full House, Boy Meets World and now even Fresh Prince, everything from the 90's is cool again. Was anyone else addicted to Temple of Doom on Nickelodeon? Wipeout Run gives you the opportunity to live the experience with a summer obstacle course so exciting- complete with water slides and monkey bars- that the little kid inside of you will finally be able to sleep easy at night.

EXTRA TIP: Check their website for best prices when picking dates!

WIPEOUT RUN; www.wipeoutrun.com
Various Locations