20 Billy Eichner Tweets That Made Your Newsfeed More Bearable In 2017

"Worrying about Trump causing a nuclear holocaust. In other words, it's a Monday!"

He might be best known for yelling on the street, but these days comedian Billy Eichner has found a more effective means of making a point: yelling through tweets. 

The comedian and actor, who currently stars on truTV’s “Billy on the Street” and Hulu’s “Difficult People,” has been an out-and-proud part of the resistance ever since President Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

As a self-identifying “piece of s**t snowflake,” Eichner regularly shares his thoughts about various injustices in Trump’s America, ranging from the infringement on the rights of transgender people to the ongoing healthcare debate with his own signature Billy twist. 

He’s even come to social media blows with all kinds of Twitter users, including Meghan McCain — over living in a liberal bubble (Billy: 1, Meghan: 0) — and the average troll looking for a Twitter tête-à-tête.

Of course, Trump and his team have provided ample material for comics like Eichner to take shots at the administration. But this new era demands that entertainers not only make us laugh, but actually say something about the state of the country. Eichner has more than risen to the task. 

Read 20 of Eichner’s best tweets post-Trump’s inauguration below.

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