20 Content Ideas to Brand Yourself as an Expert

Content marketing gives you the ability to let your individual and unique light shine in the business world. When you focus on what you want to be known for, over and over, and over again, your brand becomes stronger and more cohesive. But, you must have a solid content strategy in place, so that all the pieces fit together nicely and are working with each other.

One of the most favorite things I do when working with entrepreneurs and brands is to help them brand themselves as experts in their niches. This is such an important piece of growing a platform, becoming known for what you want to be paid for, and standing out from what others may be doing in your industry.

Here are just 20 of the ways you can brand yourself as an expert in your business--both online and offline.

  1. creation of opt-ins/freebies
  2. creative list building strategies (mini-challenges, giveaways, contests, etc.)
  3. writing ezines/newsletter content
  4. sharing content via email marketing
  5. consistent blogging and/or vlogging (video blogging)
  6. writing for guest blogs and other media outlets
  7. producing information products
  8. developing online and in-person coaching programs
  9. hosting teleseminars on specific topics
  10. interviewing others in the industry
  11. offering online training programs
  12. creating infographics
  13. embracing digital storytelling
  14. strategic social media postings
  15. highlighting testimonials
  16. sharing case studies
  17. hosting engaging in-person workshops/trainings
  18. speaking at industry conferences
  19. writing a book
  20. formation of niche specific groups on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, etc.

Bonus: Start a podcast!

Which of these content ideas can you add to your current content strategy line-up, thus increasing your brand's voice, visibility, and vibrance?