29 Gifts For The Asian Food-Obsessed Friend In Your Life

*Buys everything.*

We’re pretty sure it was Buddy the Elf who once said that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is making naan for all to share.

OK, well even if he didn’t say exactly that, you probably have a friend who would. You know ― the Asian food-obsessed one who’s always ready to hunt down the juiciest pork buns or make homemade samosas. So we’ve collected some gadgets, snacks, apparel and home decor items that only this foodie friend would eat up.

So here are 29 wok-in’ gifts for the Asian food aficionado in your life. And let’s be real ― the goal here is to get them to cook for you, right? That’s our idea of holiday cheer.

"Ramen Queen" T-Shirt
Ramen Queen T-Shirt
$25.00+, Etsy.
Indian Spice Kit
Indian Spice Kit
$34.95, Etsy.
Maki Pushpins
Maki Tacks, Sushi Pushpins
$8.95, High Fashion Home.
"I'm A Wok Star" Cross-Stitch Pattern.
I'm A Wok Star: Funny Cross-Stitch Pattern
$3.00, Etsy.
Dumpling Charm
Silver Dumpling Charm
$24.00+, Etsy.
Light Saber Chopsticks
Star Wars Light Up Chop Sabers
Wok And Accessories Set
Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set
$79.95, Crate & Barrel.
Thai Food Pyramid Mug
Thai Food Pyramid Mug
$9.95, Cafe Press.
Sake Set
Mrs Lins Kitchen
Polished Earthen Green Authentic Sake Set
$34.25, Mrs. Lin's Kitchen.
Pineapple Curry Tote Bag
Pineapple Curry Tote Bag
$16.20, Society6.
Indian Foods Tea Towel
Indian Foods Tea Towel
$6.51, Etsy.
"Keep Calm And Order Takeout" Art
Keep Calm Takeout Art Print 8 x 10
$10.00, Etsy.
Dumpling Recipe Book
Asian Dumplings: Mastering Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More
$20.00, Amazon.
Bao Art
Baobasaur Print
$15.30, Society6.
Rhubarb Ginger Achaar
Rhubarb Ginger Achaar
$8.75, Brooklyn Delhi.
Mochi Maker
Tiger Corporation SMJ-A18U 10-Cup Rice Cake Mochi Maker
$205.57, Amazon.
Squirrel Rice Paddle
Plastic Squirrel Shaped Non-Stick Rice Paddle
$3.89, Amazon.
Panda Rice Mold
4 in 1 Bento Accessories Baby Panda Mold
$9.99, Amazon.
Halo-Halo Art
Halo Halo Kitchen Art
$10.00+, Etsy.
Stone Bibimbap Bowl
Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl
$38.00, Amazon.
Salmon Sushi Earrings
Salmon Sushi Earrings
$15.00, Etsy. Buy it here.
Sriracha Mug
20 Ounce Sriracha Mug
$13.00, Sriracha2Go.
"Pho Real" T-Shirt
Pho Real Funny T-Shirt
$14.95, Etsy.
Chapati Board
Vintage Handcarved Chapati Board
$80.00, Etsy.
Japanese Snack Gift Box
Japanese Snack Gift Box
$39.99, Cost Plus World Market.
Kimchi Seasoning Blend
Kimchi Seasoning Blend
$6.50+, Etsy.
"Take Out" Oven Mitt/Pot Holder/Kitchen Towels Set
Chinese Take Out Kitchen Towel Oven Mitt Pot Holder Set
$24.99, Amazon.
Spam And Rice Art
Filipino Breakfast - Spam and Rice - Food Art
$24.99+, Etsy.

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