20 Halloween Costumes That Make Us Want To Bang Men

Please don't turn yourself into a terrible sex joke. Gender is a social construct but this Halloween, you're going to look hot. Below, 20 of the hottest costumes (sorted from Basic to Hipster) for ladies who don't want to wake up alone November 1st.

1. Hippie

2. Snapchat Selfie Socialite Costume

3. Alexander Hamilton Adult Costume

4. Adult Black Cat Costume

5. Pikachu

6. Suicide Squad: Women's Harley Quinn Costume

7. Ghostbusters

8. Orange Is The New Black Prisoner

9. Go Viral In This Sharknado Cozy Shark Costume

10. Where's Waldo

11. Adult Countess Costume - American Horror Story

12. Despicable Me 2 Women's Lady Minion Costume

13. Adult White Cat

14. Adult Cruella De Vil Prestige Costume - 101 Dalmatians

15. The Punishing One Costume

16. Adult Geek Chic Nerd Costume

17. Angelica from Rugrats

18. Women's Mermaid Hipster Costume

19. Adult Linda Costume - Bob's Burgers

20. Time Traveler