20 Low-Sugar Protein Shake Recipes To Fuel Your Mornings

Have your birthday cake protein shake and drink it, too!
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Breakfast smoothies are terrifically tasty, but when you're not in control of the ingredients, they can also be packed with sugar. A saccharine blast first thing in the morning is not the smartest way to start the day: Your body may crash, and you may experience a headache and crave even more sugar for the rest of the day.

To ensure you're getting all of those smoothie benefits -- hello, protein! -- without the added sugar, whip up your own concoction at home. The 20 recipes below will keep you full and fuel you all the way to lunch. Pick a few favorites and get blending and shaking all week long.s

Blueberry Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie
Southern In Law
Coffee Lover's Protein Shake
Love And Zest

Get the Coffee Lover's Protein Shake recipe by Love and Zest

Paleo Chocolate Coconut Smoothie
Cook Eat Paleo

Get the Paleo Chocolate Coconut Smoothie recipe by Cook Eat Paleo

Birthday Cake Protein Shake
Kelley And Cricket

Get the Birthday Cake Protein Shake recipe by Kelly and Cricket

Healthy Black Forest Milkshake
Desserts With Benefits

Get the Healthy Black Forest Milkshake recipe by Desserts With Benefits

Pumpkin Protein Shake
Eating Well Living Thin

Get the Pumpkin Protein Shake recipe by Eating Well Living Thin

Whipped Banana Cream Cheese Shake
Love And Zest
Mocha Protein Smoothie
Straight From The Jar

Get the Mocha Protein Smoothie recipe by Straight From The Jar

Blueberry Coconut Protein Smoothie
Natural Chow
Post Workout Green Smoothie

Get the Post Workout Green Smoothie recipe by Downshiftology

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie
Love And Zest
Tropical Almond Colada Smoothie
Haute And Healthy Living

Get the Tropical Almond Colada Smoothie recipe by Haute And Healthy Living

Blueberry Smoothie
Culinary Therapy Online

Get the Blueberry Smoothie recipe by Culinary Therapy Online

5-Ingredient Chocolate Chia Smoothie
Cooking And Beer

Get the 5-Ingredient Chocolate Chia Smoothie recipe by Cooking And Beer

Berry Kale Smoothie
Domestic Rockstar

Get the Berry Kale Smoothie recipe by Domestic Rockstar

Almond Joy Superfood Smoothie
The Tasty Bite Blog

Get the Almond Joy Superfood Smoothie recipe by The Tasty Bite Blog

Apple Pie Protein Smoothie
Gimme Some Oven

Get the Apple Pie Protein Smoothie recipe by Gimme Some Oven.

Berry Green Dream Smoothie
Living Well Kitchen

Get the Berry Green Dream Smoothie recipe by Living Well Kitchen

PB&J Smoothie
Kitchen Treaty

Get the PB&J Smoothie recipe by Kitchen Treaty

Cookies And Cream Protein Shake
Th Seasoned Mom

Get the Cookies And Cream Protein Shake recipe by The Seasoned Mom

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