20 Other Things Trump Shouldn't Grab

20 Other Things Trump Shouldn't Grab
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  1. Honey badger.
  2. Marla Maples.
  3. Discarded syringes in Baltimore.
  4. Self-tanner.
  5. Walter White's ricin-laced cigarette.
  6. Ivanka Trump.
  7. A hot stove.
  8. Cocaine prior to presidential debate.
  9. Large Hadron Collider.
  10. Any recording device.
  11. Rusty barbed wire in Camden, New Jersey.
  12. Flexible hold pomade.
  13. A vat of of hydrochloric acid.
  14. Trump Tower taco bowls.
  15. A hot cup of McDonald's coffee pre-lawsuit.
  16. A 12-inch ruler.
  17. A taser by the prongs.
  18. F-22 Raptor's afterburners.
  19. Saltwater crocodile.
  20. Black people in New York.

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