20 Perfect Gifts for Women Who Love to Travel

Do you have a woman in your life who is constantly checking flight prices and talking about her next trip to some foreign country? If this sounds like someone you know, this list of gifts for women who love to travel is for you! This list included gifts at a wide variety of price points and styles.

Wedge this doorstopper under your hotel room door and if someone tries to break in it will not only make it very difficult for them to open the door, but it will also sound an alarm (which is pretty loud) that will wake you up and likely send them running. A great gift for any solo female traveler.

This book was created by Lonely Planet and lists 500 sights and attractions you must see. It’s a must have book for any frequent traveler that is always looking for cool new things to add to their bucket list. Price: $16.99

These cards are a super cute stocking stuffer idea. On each card there is a fun thing to do in any location in the world. They are great for people that love to travel and are looking for a unique experience or for someone that sometimes has trouble getting out of their comfort zone.

Not only is this scarf really pretty and soft, it also has a secret zipper pocket for you to store your valuables. It’s really the best travel scarf because it folds up really small to fit in your suitcase and then can be used as a place for your passport and money when you are walking around a busy city. Price: $11.95

This tapestry makes a great wall decoration for any travel lover. The black and white colors make it so you can easily match it with any room, but it certainly is not dull.

This camera is a film camera that is similar to taking Polaroids (but better quality in my opinion). It comes in many fun colors and is the perfect camera for snapshots.

If you are going to buy the INSTAX Mini you definitely should get your loved one a super cute case to go with it!

This bag is my go to purse for traveling. You can fold it up extremely small if you need to fit it in your luggage, it can fit so much stuff, it looks nice, and is extremely easy to clean. If your loved one doesn’t already have one I suggest buying one for them ASAP. They are not the cheapest bags, but I have two and both are 8 years old and still holding up just fine.

Possibly one of the weirdest (but coolest) gifts you can give the woman in your life that loves travel. This little tool is used to, well, pee easily if you are a woman.

I personally don’t own one, but recently asked women on social media if anyone had any experience using this and the response from women saying that this was a life changer was overwhelming.

It’s perfect for any woman that does a lot of camping in the wild where bathrooms are not readily available. I also heard from women that say they use it in public restrooms when the are hesitant about sitting on the toilet.

This shirt is so fun (but also kind of practical). The idea behind it is that when you don’t know the language of the country you are traveling in you can point to the icon on the shirt that represents what you are trying to convey.

This company makes these shirts with general travel icons, but I think the drinking one makes a great gift for a traveler that loves a good night out at the bar. If nothing else it sure makes a good talking point!

If you’ve never heard of the Diva Cup you should go check it out now (if you’re a woman). The Diva Cup is a reusable menstrual cup. It costs almost $25, but it is something that will change your life. It’s great for everyone, but specifically frequent travelers that don’t want to always worry about carrying tampons or searching for some in whatever city they may be traveling in.

Serious awesomeness right here! This wine flask fits a whole bottle of wine and can be squished down small to fit in any luggage. It’s great for the wino traveler in your life or any festival goer.

This is the perfect wall decoration and a great talking point for any travelers home. Each country on the map is a different color that a traveler can scratch off once they visit a place.

Coloring books for adults are all the rage right now and this one takes it one step further by including the 100 best places to visit on the planet. This book was created by Lonely Planet and includes 100 of the destinations featured in their Ultimate Travel Book which is also on this list. Buying both books together and some colored pencils would be a perfect present for any woman travel lover.

I’m personally a huge fan of Bose noise canceling around the ear headphones, but for traveling, earbuds are always better. While sitting on a plane you will most likely want to rest your head against your neck pillow and I find that big headphones just get in the way. These earbuds are great because they are made by Bose, so they obviously deliver great sound, and they are noise canceling. When flying on loud planes these make all the difference. They are perfect for any woman that flies frequently.

Travel days can be stressful. This wallet simplifies things by providing a place for all travel documents and passport. It’s extremely convenient and cute!

This quart-sized bag is perfect for any frequent flyer because it’s TSA-approved! Load all your TSA-sized cosmetics in here and you are good to go through security.

The LOOP adapter is the best adapter you can buy for someone that travels frequently. It comes in many fun colors and can be used in any country. Basically, it’s perfect.

If your loved one has motion sensitivities these bands really make all the difference on long travel days. They are great for things like boating, flying and roller coasters.

This cute battery pack works for iPads, iPhones, and android phones. You can use it to increase your battery life for up to 10 hours of talk time. It’s perfect for long days of travel or when traveling to places where electricity is not readily available.

I hope this helped you find a cute and practical gift for a woman that loves to travel!

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