20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Cuba

05/22/2017 12:24am ET | Updated May 22, 2017

Wandering the streets of Old Havana is like walking through a dilapidated version of the 1950’s. It’s true, the old Detroit classics roll up and down the streets as if it were still 1959. The architecture in Old Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos is stunning despite it’s mixture of reformation and disrepair.

Here’s 20 photos to inspire you to book a trip to Cuba immediately!

A ride in a classic American car is a cliche but a necessity when visiting Cuba

A man sells bananas on the streets of Havana Vieja

This painting depicts a typical scene on the streets of Havana

Colorful facades entice tourists to wander and explore the stunning streets

A man sits outside catching a breeze and enjoying a Cuban cigar in Trinidad

Images of national hero Che Guevara are ever present

Crystal clear waters just outside the Bay of Pigs

Worn but beautifully crafted doors make you wonder what this place looked like in it’s heyday

A farmer in Vinales picks carrots for a local restaurant

Tobacco leaves dry before becoming cigars

Sunsets in Trinidad are golden from the top of a bell tower

The sun glows bright behind the Cuban flag in Old Havana

Dancers at the Tropicana pose after a performance

Old men play dominos on the streets of Vedado

Fusterlandia on the outskirts of Havana is a moasic marvel

The buildings in Trinidad are some of the most colorful you will ever see

Pineapples grow perfectly in Vinales

Twilight in Trinidad is picture perfect

Farmers idolize Che Guevara and dip cigars in honey to be like their national hero

It doesn’t matter where you go in Cuba, be sure to bring a camera and your wandering feet because every inch of Cuba is picture perfect!

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