20 Questions to ask Before Leaping to Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Saying bye-bye to your corporate job is not easy. So if you are seriously considering taking the leap here are some questions you may want to think about asking yourself. Take some time to reflect on these and see where it leads you!

1. Why do you want to start your own business?

2. Do you have a strong support system in place?

3. Does your partner understand what you are doing?

4. Do you have funds saved start up?

5. Do you learn from failure - or let it defeat you?

6. Are you able to self-motivate?

7. Do you have a business idea, or need supporting finding one?

8. Do you have clarity on who you want to serve?

9. Do you know the strengths & skills you bring to the table?

10. Do you have the luxury (time) to start a "side-hustle" or do you need to be fully committed?

11. Are you good at managing your time now, or is this an area to work on?

12. Do you have requirements on # of hours, work life balance - etc?

13. Do you believe you can and will succeed?

14. If you are currently unhappy, do you know why and what will resolve it?

15. Are you good at organizing, planning and goal setting?

16. How risk averse are you?

17. Are you able to handle criticism?

18. Are you able to adapt and make quick changes?

19. Are you a leader?

20. Are you ready to adopt the entrepreneur lifestyle?

Spend some time reflecting on these questions and take note of areas you need to focus on before you take your leap. Join me in the Leadership Circle to continue the discussion!