20 Quick Fixes to Less Stress

When life gets tough and stress comes knocking, try a combination of the following to send it packing.
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When life gets tough and stress comes knocking, try a combination of the following to send it packing.

1) Take a walk outside

2) Set up a good sleep pattern
Make sleep and restoration a priority in your life

3) Reduce your To Do list all the way down to one or two things for the day
Doesn't sound like much but better to have less on the list that stands a good chance of getting done rather than a whole lot that just overwhelms us.

4) Make yourself a favorite (non-stimulant) warm drink
There's something comforting about a warm beverage.

5) Breathe deep

6) Stretch

7) Spend some downtime with a friend

8) Breathe deep again
Seriously, most of us breathe too shallow so learning how to breathe correctly may make us feel so much more energized and also better able to deal with what life may throw our way.

9) Make time for regular exercise

10) Watch or listen to something that makes you smile

11) Get some perspective
If you have a roof over your head and know exactly where your next meal's coming from you are so much better off than many in the world. Sobering thought and one to help keep things in perspective.

13) Unplug from the electronic world occasionally

14) Stop comparing yourself to others
This can become a destructive habit, don't do it.

15) Less complaining more gratitude

16) Look back at some old pictures of good times

17) Stop comparing yourself to that vision of your future, perfect self in your head
Too much of this leads to deferred (future) living where we never quite feel we are where we want to be. Better to make the most of who we are and where we are now.

18) Listen to some relaxing music that means something to you

19) Have a warm shower and envision the water washing some of your concerns away
Sounds a little new age perhaps, but try it -- what have you got to lose (aside from those troubles of course).

20) Learn from Others
There will be people in your life that seem to handle stress so much better than others. It almost seems to bounce off of them. Learn their secrets.

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