20 Sex Myths, Debunked

20 Sex Myths, Debunked

Apparently, big shoes on a guy really only mean one thing: big socks.

Mental Floss recruited health researcher Dr. Aaron Carroll to debunk some misconceptions about sex and contraception, from the fairly plausible to the downright bizarre.

Carroll, who hosts a YouTube show on health policy and research, breaks the news that the average penis size is not seven inches, as commonly believed. Instead the average penis is somewhere between five and five-and-a-half inches, according to multiple studies. Sorry ladies; you're welcome dudes.

And for all the ladies who choose to not shave their pubic hair, you are not alone. Actually, you're in the majority. Carroll says that only 11 percent of women ages 18-68 report removing "all of their pubic hair most of the time." So maybe "bush is back," or maybe it just never left.

Sadly, it's also a myth that sex is great exercise. That one was just too good to be true.

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