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20 Signs You're A Mom Of Two (And A Bit Tired)

Maybe giving an iPad to a toddler is not such a bad thing after all.

1. You have learned to embrace chaos. If before you were attempting to make the house “presentable” by putting the toys away every evening, you now know that this is a complete waste of time. And time is precious. Very precious.

2. You think that baby carriers are the best invention ever... (and you seriously consider eating these bread crumbs that have fallen on your baby’s head).

3. You wonder how you could ever have felt tired stressed or busy when you only had one child...

4. You take so many pictures of your kids that the space problem on your mobile has reached a whole new level. Honestly, has anybody else reached the point when you cannot even receive WhatsApp messages anymore??

5. There are days when you are in control of nap times, bed time and meal plans. But most of the time, you’re just winging it, really.

6. Every time you’re taking the metro, you wonder why people without strollers are filling up the lift instead of taking the escalator while moms with two impatient kids in a double stroller need to wait (honestly, people...?!).

7. You decide that giving an iPad to a toddler is not such a bad thing after all.

8. You have given up on sleep. You have accepted that you’re tired and that tired is what you will look like from now on.

9. You want to hold back time and your baby to be a baby for a little longer. Moments, milestones… everything just seems to go by way too fast.

10. You realize that age indications on toys are totally overrated. Who needs baby toys if you can play with your brother’s toy cars, puzzles and coloring books? (Watch out for big brothers protecting their toys though.)

11. You consider asking the pediatrician if they have any loyalty programs.

12. You spend your days cooking food for your toddler (that you end up eating yourself) and you actually want to cry when the doctor tells you that your baby is now ready to start weaning as well.

13. Me time is the 50 minutes between the moment when both of your kids have fallen asleep at night and the moment you fall asleep on the couch.

14. At the same time, you just don’t want to go to bed at night as you want to have some time for yourself.

15. You try to convince your mama friends to have a second baby as well because you want to keep up the same play date groups.

16. You’ve given up on being on time and you actually don’t even believe yourself when you tell somebody that you will be ready to go out in five minutes.

17. Baby wipes have taken over your household and you now use them to clean literally everything.

18. How successful a day was is measured by the length of the nap your kids have taken at the same time.

19. You give a mental high five to every mom of two you see (especially when the toddler is throwing a tantrum) and remain in silent respect when you see a mom of three.

20. When the toddler is holding the baby’s hand, your heart is melting. When you watch them interact and giggle, when you watch the baby admire her big brother, you know that having two kids was the best decision ever.

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