20 Steps of a Toddler's Morning Routine

10. Ask for a drink of water and spill it.
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Toddler boy playing and laughing
Toddler boy playing and laughing

1. Wake up before everyone else.

2. Loudly announce that you are up, ensuring that everyone else in the house also wakes up.

3. Attempt to play with every toy you have, making sure to spread the clutter to multiple areas of the house.

4. Ignore your parent's request that you eat breakfast.

5. Twirl.

6. Stall and play with food at the breakfast table.

7. Ask at least 15 questions.

8. Argue about what you are going to wear.

9. Wiggle nonstop while your parent attempts to dress you.

10. Ask for a drink of water and spill it.

11. Cry.

12. Insist you immediately need to hold a random toy that you haven't played with for months and will be impossible to find.

13. Run.

14. Refuse to brush your teeth, or insist that you do it yourself.

15. Ask for candy.

16. Wonder why Mommy looks so mad and tired. Tell her she looks mad and tired.

17. Color a picture.

18. Insist that you put on your own shoes. When you fail, continuously kick while someone else attempts to put on your shoes.

19. Sing loudly.

20. Leave house.

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