20 Things I Learned in My First Year as a Mom

You will never feel so vulnerable, so in love, so part of life... or so sleepy.
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Now that my baby is a toddler, I'm in a new phase of motherhood. Gone are the days of waking up every three hours at night, stealth breastfeeding in public and needing the nursery to look Pinteresting. In retrospect, keeping a journal about the first year of my life as a mother was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can look back and reflect on how much we've both grown. Here are 20 things I learned in my first year as a mom.

  1. The first meal you have after you give birth tastes like it was prepared by an angel and floated down on a cloud just for you. For me, it was graham crackers and apple juice.

  • It gets easier, then harder, then easier, then harder.
  • You will buy beautiful, artisan baby toys, but the baby would trade them all for an iPhone of her very own.
  • "Date nights" are essential to feeling like a couple and not just a couple of baby slaves.
  • You will Google things you never thought you would Google.
  • If there is any danger in the room -- an outlet, a sharp corner, etc. -- the baby will go there.
  • You will never feel so vulnerable, so in love, so part of life... or so sleepy.
  • Keep paper plates in your home. Tell yourself they are for "tough days," but use them whenever.
  • Make a big batch of food on Sunday to make Monday easier for everyone.
  • When you fail at #9 (and you will), you will subsist on bites of cheese and baby biscuits and feel terrible.
  • It's OK to leave the baby with my husband to get some time to myself. Even if it's just coffee and 10 pages of a book.
  • You will feel like you're spending all your money at Target.
  • Seeing my husband be a great dad made me fall in love with him in a whole new way.
  • You will have a 3 a.m. argument with your spouse about which one of you is more tired.
  • I don't get annoyed when I hear a baby crying in public anymore. I only feel sympathy.
  • It's OK to accept help when it's offered. I'm a mother, not a martyr.
  • Babies teach us patience and keep us humble.
  • Some days you will envision what life would have been like if you'd never had a baby -- like my alternate life in which I joined a Tuscan convent.
  • Some moments will be so wonderful you will think, "I am living my life's purpose right now."
  • Babies grow and soon they aren't really babies anymore, so make as many memories as your heart can hold.
  • This post was originally published on jaymiranda.com, a blog about fashion and motherhood. Find me on Instagram at @pinklip.

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