Love Over 50: 20 Traits Boomer Men Want In Their Next Lover

Ann Brenoff's recent article,, made me think about my own search. Here's my top 20 wish list for my next Boomer lover.
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Ann Brenoff's recent article, Love Over 50: 20 Traits Boomer Women Want in Their Next Lover, made me think about my own search. Here's my top 20 wish list for my next Boomer lover:

A lifetime promise I'll never be asked to go to the mall. I'd prefer a root canal.

A woman who laughs at my jokes, even to be polite. It helps me feel she gets me.

An in-shape heartthrob with exercise discipline. I have it, but still need an occasional
push out the door.

A woman imbued with youthful enthusiasm.

A "juicy" honey, with a sexual edge, who knows that Boomer sex is less about piston-pounding and more about passion.

A sweetheart, who wakes up with a smile.

A woman interested in my point of view. Just because we don't agree, doesn't mean either of us is stupid.

A smart lover. My heart beats fast when I meet a bright woman.

A woman, with a sense of personal style, a leader not a follower.

A lover with joie de vivre, who knows what that means.

A sweetheart who goes to bed exhausted from actually living life.

I'm not an ATM. Boomer women in particular should have a sense of equality, and equal means equal.

A lover who isn't still angry with her ex-husband, last boyfriend, or men in general. I don't want to be an angry woman's piñata.

A woman, with an emotional vocabulary. I get that you're pissed off, but I need to know where that's coming from.

A sweetie who likes to rock to the oldies, can still boogey, and isn't self-conscious doing it.

A Bohemian-heart, who knows that happiness really is possible.

I love to cook, and I appreciate a woman who's cool with cleaning up.

An unconditionally supportive partner.

A fun seeker, who enjoys riding on the back of my motorcycle, or better still, has her own.

A savvy traveler who knows that 10 days in Paris is way cooler than 10 cities in 10 days, and that the Musee D'Orsay is more interesting than Disney World Paris.

An egalitarian woman that doesn't consider herself elite just because she can afford a better haircut.

I'm not suggesting that this is every guy's wish list, just mine.

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